Why we created The Hopper

The Hopper was created with a mission to address the need for true diversity in business and help close the funding gap for female-founded and female-led startups.

In the words of James Brown: 'This is a man's world'.

And when it comes to the technology industry, it's no different.

We have a problem: not enough women are encouraged to join entry-level jobs and not enough of those women who do join are being supported to come up through the ranks.

Yet, there's no doubt that women have a huge contribution to make and the industry is poorer without it. 

Time and time again, research shows us that if we cut out 50% of our population, it makes for bad business. But it seems we're stubborn to change.

 This is a pattern not just in big corporations, it's across the board. If you're a female founder you'll find it harder to access funding, and when you are offered funding it'll likely be 6% less than your male counterparts.

Which is why we created The Hopper. A new incubator focused on information technology that aims to address the following: 


Close the funding gap for female-founded and female-led startups

You don't have to look far to find research across the globe that tells us how underfunded female-founded and female-led startups are

Yet, alongside that data is further statistics that tells us in black and white just how much those underfunded female founders contribute to our economies. 

It was this realisation that sparked the idea for founding The Hopper. There is a huge wealth of ideas and entrepreneurs that are being ignored. And we intend to find them and start giving them the attention they deserve.


Stimulate true diversity

There's no denying that gender is a huge part of this conversation. But diversity doesn't just start and end there

There are so many groups in society that have valuable product and service ideas that could be the unicorns of tomorrow.

People of colour, people with a disability, people from the LGBTQ+ community have so many brilliant ideas to contribute to our economy.

It's not rocket science: if you have a group of people that all look and sound the same, with similar interests and lives, they'll probably come up with similar ideas because they all have similar problems.

However, widen that circle, and your ideas will grow exponentially. Because you have different people with difference experiences and different issues that can all help you look at a problem from so many more angles that never occurred to you before.


Provide support across the entire startup ecosystem

Capital is important. And it's even more important in this global COVID-19 environment. But it's not the only thing that determines whether or not a startup succeeds.

In fact, funding is only 10% of the reason why startups fail. So what's the other 90%? 

Access to networks is a huge one. Never underestimate how important it is knowing the right person for the job.




At The Hopper we're good at validating project builds and quotes because our background in software development. So we know when a figure isn't right or who to go to in order to put your project build in safe and trustworthy hands.

But there are other things like legal, marketing, and office space to name a few. These are all things that we help with.

At The Hopper our mission is to level the playing field: giving female entrepreneurs the same opportunity as male founders. Welcoming ideas from those that don’t fit the mould. And giving those who work with us a competitive advantage by supporting them across the entire ecosystem.

And, in light of the current climate, we really want to help businesses through the challenges that COVID-19 has created. Which is why we are considering not just startups at the seed and pre-seed stage, but also those at Series A level.

So if you're a badass entrepreneur with a stand-out-from-the-crowd idea, drop us a line.

We'd love to get something 'in The Hopper' together.



We’re The Hopper - a new tech incubator helping startups at the seed and pre-seed stage, across ideation, incubation, and acceleration. We’re keen to close the funding gap for female-founded and female-led startups, but open to hearing from all badass humans, no matter how they identify.

Visit www.thehopper.tech to find out more.